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Always in Stock photo BThe Presto Always-in-Stock (AIS) Program is a key factor in our ablitity to satisfy customer requirements more quickly than other suppliers. 

New inventory systems and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure that our most popular products are Always-in-Stock and available for immediate shipment - 1 week or less - when you specify AIS on your purchase order.

Qualifying AIS Products Include:

Counterweight Stackers:
C62 & C74 Models

Manual Stackers:
M152, M166, M252, M266, M278, M353, M366, M466 & M478 Models

Battery Powered Stackers:
B652, B652-1500, B652-2000, B666, B666-1500, B666-2000, B678,
B678-1500, B678-2000, 

LiftStik Narrow Mast Lifter Transporters:
PLS52-185, PLS60-220, PLS48-450

Light-Duty Electric Scissor Lifts: XS24, XS36, XL36

Portable Manual Scissor Lifts:
XP24-300, XP24-600, XP24-10, XP24-15, XP36-10, XP3-15

Portable Electric Scissor Lifts:
XBP24-10, XBP24-15, XBP36-10, XBP36-15

Pallet Positioners:
P3-All Around, Accuload AL30, Manual Skid Lifter, Powered Skid Lifter

PowerStak Fully Powered Stackers:
PPS2200, PPS300, PPS1100-CB

Hand Pallet Trucks:
Roll-Lift® Standard Pallet Trucks, Manual Skid Lifter, Powered Skid Lifter

Ring Floor-Mount (RFT), Low-Profile Turntable (LPT)

AIS stamp orange black

Popular products are Always in Stock and ship in one week when you specify AIS on your purchase order.

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